L4 Unit Information
  1. Housing Policy
    The aim of this unit is to further learners’ understanding of housing policy in the UK by exploring its historical development and the relationships between different policy making bodies and their policy-making processes. It also enables learners to develop analytical skills; learning how to analyse and evaluate policies, in particular their intended outcomes and impacts.
  2. Housing Management
    The purpose of the unit is to explore the key functions involved in housing management. Learners will also consider approaches to the provision of housing. The unit will also enable learners to examine a range of housing and housing related advice services
  3. Housing Law
    The unit aims to provide learners with an understanding of the legal system in relation to housing, specifically for the country they work in, but in a UK context. It explores the law in relation to landlords and tenants and requires learners to examine the application of the law in housing practice and homelessness.
  4. Housing Need Demand and Supply
    The unit aims to enable learners to explore the demographic profile of the UK and understand the impact this, and socio-economic factors, have on housing need, demand and supply. They will also examine a range of factors influencing local housing market strategies.
  5. Financing for Housing
    This unit requires learners to understand the processes the external sources of finance which housing organisations access. The unit also explores the wider financial environment of housing organisations and the effect of subsidy.
  6. Professional Practice Skills for Housing
    The unit aims to give learners the understanding and skills to progress at management level in housing. It does so by helping them to become more ’reflective practitioners'. It emphasises the importance of relating individual skills and performance to the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole, and being proactive in their own professional development.
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