Our Sponsors
We are proud to be working with the following sponsors:
Educational Partners
Acacia Learning offer a range of professional and bespoke courses at highly competitive prices. Their CIPD courses, offered at levels 3, 5 and 7, have numerous start dates throughout the year and are offered throughout the UK and overseas. Their CIM courses (offered at levels 3 and 4) and CMI courses (offered at levels 3, 5 and 7) run from our central London training centre and start in September and January. All its learners are taught by highly experienced industry practitioners and have 24 hour access to online blended learning materials. Click here  to find out more and enable you to hear what clients have to say about Acacia Learning.  Acacia Learning, also deliver ‘in-house’ course which are tailored to meet your customer needs, as well as a range of short courses. Anthropi Learning Ltd's very own director, Tristan Callaghan is a regular tutor on these courses (click here ).  See more at: http://acacialearning.co.uk/what-we-offer/#sthash.S1iI0Nso.dpuf
Krunch and Press  provider of fruit and vegetable energy drinks. David Bell (the owner) sets out his vision as follows:
 "Hi, I’m David and I’d love to tell you a bit about the vision behind the Krunch+Press Juice Truck. It can be challenging to stay energised living in an urban environment where the pace is always fast and frantic.  I was finding that out to my cost.  Wouldn’t say I was fat and ready to die but the waistline was showing and, well, I had kind of lost a bit of vitality and often seemed to feel energy-less. Then, in early 2010 whilst in New York I saw something that for some odd reason took hold of me…….around fruit and vegetable juicing.  Everywhere I looked there was a fresh juice bar of sorts and I loved what I saw and loved what I tasted.  Back in London a self awareness began to grow that, bottom line, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables might, just might, be the way to living a more vital and energy filled life.   And drinking freshly made juice - organic wherever possible -offered a perfectly sensible way to make healthy lifestyle changes" 
We are running our CIH Courses in Partnershp with Harrow College.
Click on http://www.harrow.ac.uk/  for more details
Payments will be collected on enrolment at Harrow College